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Miss Beatrice

Rainy days getting you down? This will cheer you up… I give you Beatrice in a vintage hat. More to come

Ted & Mac

The always adorable Ted & Mac are back!  Hanging with these two is a highlight of my holidays 🙂  Watch out Mom

Megan + Patrick

I am so hyyyped about this session and so excited to share these images with you! Check out Meg & Patricks photos

Buddy and Kay

Meeeeeeeet Buddy and Kay!!! Cuteness Overload is about to happen! I was so excited when my friend Heather asked me to

This was a perfect day.

I dreamed that I would be able to do this once again.  And on Friday it became a reality.

september :: instagram

Awesome friends :: Beach Walks :: Boston :: New dog friends for B :: A kick butt Crossfit box :: Ron Burgundy. What up