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I love SBL

It has been a while since I have picked up my camera. I had a tough 2016 and wasn’t physically able to lift my camera or do much of anything. Sadly I had to tell faithful clients that I couldn’t create photos for them 🙁 But good news… my health seems to be getting back on track (woohoo!) and I am hoping to get back to photographing in the near future.

Since I have been feeling better I was so excited to be able to use my camera while on vacation with my family at Sanibel Island this month. So when I got there I headed to a favorite location on the island, the J. N. “DingDarling National Wildlife Refuge and of course I took my camera 🙂 !

“Ding” Darling is known for its abundance of wildlife. You never know what you might see.  On the drive through the refuge I came upon an osprey nest and a youngster testing out those wings.  Check out this cutie!  And a fly by from mom or dad!


Another favorite thing to do while on the island is look for shell treasures on the beach.   Here are a few of my finds!  PINPIN


Check back soon. I see lots more blogging in my future 🙂


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